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I have some Beagle wear items im looking to sell. If anyone's interested please inbox me
Where are you. I moved to Al, Would ike to hear from you.
Mike Rachkiss
Mike, I sent Dan a text that someone is looking for him.
Hello this is my first Post. My inventory two Brittany's Mika and Ruby, Love partridge hunting. My issue's going through Wild Parsnip, Lots of Bears up my way, Tic's becoming a big issue. 5 years ago no issue. the introduction of Turkey's now lot of Tic's. You can not fix a problem unless you have accurate information. Retired Maj. Army, Been all over the world. Coyotes also an issue.
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Welcome JohnnyS. Post your introduction thread in the first forum. Welcome to HuntingChat. Glad to have you here!
Alex, when you get a chance can you let me know why I cant add a new post to my hunting log? I have 4 days worth to add thanks!!
Hello, this is currently being looked at by the site tech. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks for the kind words. We have a big chest freezer and it's full. lol Merry Christmas to you also. Mark(longbow) I think you private messaging is turned off, I tried to send this in a PM but I couldn't fine the tab.
Hey guys.

I've been on the site for a while but have never posted. However, I'm looking for advice. I took a shot at a buck tonight with a slug gun around 120yds. The deer ran in a circle twice (roughly 10yd dia) before running off. He ran about an 80yd semi circle before last being seen returning to his bed (I hunt a farm so this was all in an open field). I was unsure of the shot so didn't even start to look for him. I am going in the am, but looking to see if any has ever had a similar reaction from a deer and how your tracking worked out.

Any advice or comments would be appriciated
dich vu ke toan gia re
thanh lap doanh nghiep
dao tao ke toan ha noi qua, một ch?t gấp g?p cũng kh?ng c?.
?Ưm?? Uất No?n T?m vẫn kh?ng c? phản ứng g?, cả xe đột nhi?n xoay nhanh đầu lại, chạy v?o một con đường nhỏ, x?m t? nữa c? bị lọt ra ngo?i. ?N?y?.anh?.?
?Đừng nh?o!? Ngũ Li?n tập trung hết sức v?o l?i xe, linh hoạt chạy qua những con đường tắt nhỏ hẹp. Với kỹ thuật l?i xe của anh, muốn qua mặt ph?ng vi?n l? một chuyện rất dễ d?ng, nhưng c? v?i chiếc xe vẫn cứ sống chết b?m theo cho bằng được, kh?ng thể cắt đu?i được!
Chứng tỏ, người l?i xe kh?ng phải l? một ph?ng vi?n b?nh thường, m? l? một tay đua chuy?n nghiệp!
Anh kh?ng nghĩ tr?nh độ của kẻ kia lại bỉ ổi đến như vậy, thật l?

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