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  • RememberBaker
    I sent you a name/number by PM Pete.
  • benny8
    benny8 replied to the thread Disabled hunter.
    Have you possibly considered a crossbow? I don't know what kind of yardages or areas you hunt, but for me in NH most open shots are 50...
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  • S
    I was told recently that someone in Chester VT is now processing deer. I'm a little short on time this week and would love to drop one...
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    NY Hunter replied to the thread 2019.....
    Congrats to you and your boys, sounds like a super season, lots of time spent together and a lot of memories, and I'm sure a few laughs.
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    Reggie posted the thread Blackbelt Hunting in Deer Hunting.
    I thought I’d share a great hunting place in Central Alabama. I’ve hunted with these folks several times. My son took his first decent...
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  • mbVT
    mbVT replied to the thread 2019.....
    Sounds like an awesome year G- what a crew!! Pics would be great- one of these guys will straighten you out- get 'em up here!
  • Browseline
    Browseline replied to the thread 2019 Bone Jam.
    Thanks for posting this. I'm sure it is a lot of work to put this together. I really enjoyed watching the video's. Very nice.
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    Yep I surly miss my dad especially this time of year we had some great hunting trips and I still have so many memories. Now I'm the dad...
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    Escout711 replied to the thread Rehoboth.
    Yep, been here since 2011!
  • ojibwa
    ojibwa replied to the thread AWOL since rifle season.
    It seems like KY has some EHD every year in some parts of the state , as of yet no CWD.. The EHD tends to show up during a dry summer...
  • ojibwa
    ojibwa replied to the thread AWOL since rifle season.
    Quite a few pics from Sept till the two week gun season in Nov. If I remember correctly he did this last year and showed back up late...
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    Snowed replied to the thread 2019 Bone Jam.
    Nice job it sounds like you guys had fun.
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    Flatlander replied to the thread Bad primers ?.
    I used the rcommended primers. I'm sticking with 777. I just don't see any benefit with Blackhorn.
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    Grandkid replied to the thread Bad primers ?.
    Blackthorn works best with a hotter primer. Remington STS Primers 209PSTSB