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Alex, when you get a chance can you let me know why I cant add a new post to my hunting log? I have 4 days worth to add thanks!!
Hello, this is currently being looked at by the site tech. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thanks for the kind words. We have a big chest freezer and it's full. lol Merry Christmas to you also. Mark(longbow) I think you private messaging is turned off, I tried to send this in a PM but I couldn't fine the tab.
Hey guys.

I've been on the site for a while but have never posted. However, I'm looking for advice. I took a shot at a buck tonight with a slug gun around 120yds. The deer ran in a circle twice (roughly 10yd dia) before running off. He ran about an 80yd semi circle before last being seen returning to his bed (I hunt a farm so this was all in an open field). I was unsure of the shot so didn't even start to look for him. I am going in the am, but looking to see if any has ever had a similar reaction from a deer and how your tracking worked out.

Any advice or comments would be appriciated
I am interested in your slug gun. Does it have a rifled barrel? Could you send pics to saroocolibaba@Comcast.net? Where are you located? Thank you