Wildgame Shadow Micro Review


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Jun 30, 2014
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Nantucket Island, MA
Ordered the camera from Cabelas. Came with batteries and an 8GB card for $99. The last Wildgame camera I had lasted a week so I'm a little leery about this one. It's lasted a day so far so maybe there's hope for it. Camera is tiny. Smallest one I ever owned. Smaller than my Boly. Really like the magnetic ball mount system it came with. So many different positions you can do with it. And if you don't like the mounting system you can remove it and use a strap. After a little back yard testing the trigger is very good and the pictures look very good both day and night. The camera only takes one picture per trigger. Does Wildgame make a camera that takes more than one picture per trigger? I try to get around that by setting the delay to 2 or 5 seconds but don't want hundreds of pictures of the same deer if it's in front of the camera for too long. Really easy to set up. Didn't have to read the manual. On/off switch is located on the outside front of the camera. I don't like this. A knuckle-dragging mouth-breather can easily turn it off. Okay, here's my MAJOR gripe about this camera. At night, when the LED's fire, there is an extremely loud click when the LED's come on and again when they go off. It's very noticeable. This is a major deal breaker for me. Last night there were no deer on the camera. I'm interested to see if they will notice the loud clicking and spook.