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Nov 10, 2005
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mid western Georgia
Well got a new spot to hunt yesterday a small 10 Ac. piece but the old man made me promise I would bring no one else and not let the neighbors see me. And one other thing I had to shoot does. His daughter in law hit one the night before and did a bunch of damage to her car. Plus he had 16 of them in his yard and his dog was going nuts. So I gave him my solemn word that I would abide by his rules. I sure wish I had some folks down here that wanted some deer but it seems like no one down here shoots doe and the meat is not important to the folks down here. You talk to other hunters and all they want are bucks which is ok by me each to his or her own I never make a judgment on another sportsman's legal hunting methods. So anyway I shot a good sized doe (for Ga standards). The place I'm hunting is small and there is buck sign everywhere so I hope I can get him before I spook the area up too much. Sorry about the lousy photo but it was hot (sweating in my T-shirt) and rain was coming so I had to get her to a meat cooler right away.


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