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Nov 10, 2005
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mid western Georgia
Well I went back to the same tree where I shot the doe Sat. afternoon and sure enough right at 7:30 Am here come 3 doe I watched them and they seemed skittish. around 9:30 a doe came in on me and I didn't see her till she was 40 yards from me. She just fed along nice and easy and walked behind me and kept going. then right at 9:45 a guy walked by wearing an orange vest with no gun or bow. Funny the land owner told me no one else was back there I guess it could have been a neighbor. Anyway after years of shooting buck or doe it is still a little unnerving just watching the doe but still cool. I just hope the rut is still going on down here with the amount of doe I am seeing one of them has got to bring in a decent buck. I'll be there again this afternoon and I am bringing the land owner a turkey a little token of my appreciation, And my wife baked him an apple pie to show her appreciation of getting me out of her hair...

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