The Scout!


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Dec 10, 2013
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I shot a nice 8 pointer with my old TC Scout back in 2012. I retired the Scout after that and bought a CVA Wolf, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to load/unload without firing, etc.

This year is my son's first year deer hunting. He wants to join me muzzleloader hunting so I pulled the Scout out of retirement and handed the boy the Wolf.

This morning I took both out in the yard to see if they are still lined up.

Well, I am impressed! The other night I took the Scout out of the cabinet and tore it all the way down to clean it. I was certain the scope would need some adjustment after 4 years of retirement. NOPE! One shot at 50 yards, it's a inch high, right above the bullseye PERFECT! Let's go huntin'!

oh yeah, the Wolf is perfect too :elmer: