Starting the year off right..Part 1


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Jul 31, 2011
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North West NJ
Sorry for the long posts(s) but it was a good day!

Haven't hunted NJ that much this year so when the opportunity came to get a half day in, I grabbed it.
I met my buddy Rick, and the plan was simply to sit a few hours and head out by lunch.
I had a doe permit, but I was still looking for my first buck of the season.
The day did not start so well.
On the ride up I realized that I forgot the bag where I keep my phone, charger and camera.
I was thinking today is the day I'd probably get a deer and not be able to take pictures or get help dragging.

We got out of the trucks right at first light and started walking in.
I was, ever so slowly, heading to a ground blind at the end of a cut corn field approx. 700 - 800 yards away.
Its 21 degrees, the ground is frozen, crunchy and walking is LOUD.
I have a strong wind and the sun at my back.
There are hardwoods below (to my right) and at the end of the field.
Two hedge rows run the length of the field.
The blind sits on at the far end of the lower hedgerow.
I chose to walk the upper one because it afforded better cover from the lower hardwoods on the walk in.
About 150 yards from the end, I caught some movement in the hardwoods at the end of the field.
I put the scope up and see a group of 6-8 does feeding, walking and they are looking my way.
Its only about 50 yards to the lower hedgerow through cut corn and there’s a bit of a hill so I decided to drop down and try sneak a bit closer.
I'm about 30 yards from the blind and the does are now crossing my path about 75 - 100 yards out.
I scope each one, no horns so I let them walk by and proceed to the blind.

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