Sports Cars?


Jan 3, 2017
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WV and Ohio
I found this picture of the 1974 Plymouth Duster that I bought used in 1975, I think? It had about 9000 miles on it. The sticker price new was about $3100 and I paid about $2000 as best as I remember. Had a 4 speed manual transmission and unlike my Nova SS was high geared and would top out about 135 miles an hour. A powerfull car. It was a good car and I had it for 3 years I think. My younger brother is on the left. Not sure what was going on but somebody must have died for us to both be wearing suits.

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Are you sure it was a 74? 1973 was the last year for the 340. My dad has a 74 that was originally a red with white stripes 360, bucket seats, console and air conditioning. White interior and white vinyl top. It has a big block 383 now. 77AC27BC-8554-4353-B8B9-1AFA9D759C66.jpeg7A4C9EBE-F5C4-48E6-9059-01A4E3788036.jpeg
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Nov 30, 2011
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Central VT.
You are right Wandling. It has to be a 1973. Not sure why I thought it was a 1974. Thanks for pointing this out. I remember buying it sometime in 1974 but can't remember when.

It had a couple of glass packs on it and was very loud. I sold it a few years later and never had any trouble with the state or local police. About 2 days after I sold it a State Police cruiser came into my yard at high speed. 2 troopers got out and the one I knew well, walked up to me and said " Have you lost you F..king mind!" I said what is wrong? He said " I've had 4 different complaints in the last 2 hours about speeding, squealing tires and noise. No one else around here has a car like yours. Where is your car"? I said " I don't know where it is, I sold it the other day." He said, well that explains it. I thought you had gone nuts. I told him who I sold it to and they both headed off to see him. He was a good trooper. He stopped in while I was building my first house quite a few times, asking a lot of questions. I helped him a little on his house a few years later.