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Dec 24, 2010
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wed 11/23 hunting with my brother and nephew ,picked my way to my ground blind at sunup on a NW wind ,sat for about an hour with nothing happening .
at 8:45 hit the can 3 times and a couple of tending grunts and at 9:07 I see antler tips and a partial body coming in on my left at 20 yards up through some whips and furs in a small ravine at this point I think I got myself a little spike or 4 point coming through sweet ! Problem is I am a lefty so he was on the wrong side ,but all is good as he was heading right out in front of me I thought !!

I lost sight of him for just a bit ,then he pops out of the furs 50 yards away on the top of a knoll in some berry whips and beech whips quartering away. So its either now or never. Put the red dot where I thought would be the best shot and BANG ! he buckled ,and turned back where he came from .. 3 shots later on two trees ( after examining the scene :) ) and then another hit on him ,and he dipped over the ravine out of sight.

At this point I know he is hit but not sure how good.. i give it 30 minutes walk over and crest the knoll ,and there he lay. First quality buck for me in a long time

after the autopsy ,turns out the 1st hit was a liver shot , 2nd was a small sapling and piercing his ear ,and chipped his base 3rd was a 10" fir tree in front of where he was , 4th was a spine hit ,and he tumbled over the banking

big thanks to my 19 year old Nephew for the dragging job ,my Brother over the years is known as buck master my nephew now goes by drag master

on to my antlerless tag for Friday and sat, I must say it feels a little odd getting a buck ,and then being able to go get a doe now

8 point 155 ,with a little sticker 3/4" off his left base ,I am a very happy hunter


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