Roofing materials


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Jan 4, 2009
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Had a new roof put on the house and there’s quite a bit left over (which I paid dearly for, I’m sure)
I estimate the materials to be worth around $500-$800
Looking for $300 for the whole lot. (Or reasonable offer)
6 bundles (2 square) of architectural shingles dark brown.
Full and partial bundle of starter strips
Full and partial rolls of ice and water shield
1 50’ and a partial roll of Harvey ridge vent
2 partial rolls of synthetic underlayment
1 stink pipe boot (aluminum)
Partial roll of lead flashing
40’ of 6 inch aluminum drip edge
38 rolls of roofing nails (gun)
Would be great for a new shed or camp roof!
If you need pictures PM me and I’ll email or text them. Site says “too large to process”
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