Remington 760 forearm rattle. Cure.


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Nov 25, 2019
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I recently bought a 760 30-06. The forearm rattled so bad that I would not hunt with it as it was. I ordered the o-ring that I read about. I wanted to hunt with it but have not had time to fix it right. So I put a bump on the barrel with several wraps of electric tape so when the forearm is fully forward it put a little pressure on the forearm. It is completely quiet with my 60 second fix. Saturday after hunting 5 minutes I rattled in an 8 point whitetail. He hangs in the garage now. I will change the o ring this winter. I did change the trigger spring with a spring from M CARBO Florida. It has a great trigger pull now. It was terrible. Hope this helps someone, Whitetail1

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