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Aug 4, 2006
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central NH
An old timer friend is looking to sell his reloading equipment, I really don't know much about it. He sent me this list of stuff and is asking $200. Wish I had photo's but he doesn't have a phone or camera; he might have a lady "friend" that could send some.
1. RCBS single green press,
2. Lyman universal case trimmer,
3. Lyman powder measure #55,
4. RCBS lube case kit,
5. 6" German dial calipers in case,
6. Lyman D5 precision reload scales,
7. extraction hammer,
8. metal max case length gage,
9. 1 RCBS burring tool in plastic case,
10. universal Decap die#87580
11. Bullets
a. Speer brand 30 Cal 1 box 100 ps,
b. 150 Gr. full box of 308 spitzer sp bullets 100 count,
c. Hornady 38 cal, 158 gr
d. 100 ct. another box of 38/357 158 gr 100 ct.
12. Primers
a. small box of CCI large rifle primers
b. 1 box of CCI small pestle primers
13. Powder
a. IMR-4320 rifle improved military powder 1/2 can,
b. IMR - 4350 improved military rifle 1/3 can,
c. Unique RIF-PIS-SHOT GUN powder full smokeless
d. Hercules powder 1 can,
e. 1 pound of H4831 3006 POWDER
14. Dies
a. RCBS die set sp-308 #15503,
b. RCBS 3 PS 357 Mag,
15. Manuals
a. 45 th edition ,reload hand book new England edition,
b. Speer manual for reloading ammo.rif-pis-and shot gun,
16. Misc:
a. small funnel
b. large baggy of assorted long narrow steal wire brushes,
c. another baggy with tools , drills, and odd ball stuff
d. red plastic MCM universal load block
e. RCBS large wood home made shell holder

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