Quick after work hunt....


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Oct 1, 2005
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Between the French and Quinebaug Rivers.
I just blew it tonight, I think. We got out of work a few minutes early so I sped home to don my hunting clothes and sit in my back yard treestand. The stand is set on a north facing slope with a very steep angle downward to a flat area.

I sat until almost the end of legal shooting light when I heard the tell tale sound of a deer walking towards me. I could not see a thing because the deer stayed out of the shooting lane. This lane was cut a good month ago yet the deer avoided this one open spot.

Soon I spotted her but the branches obscured an ethical shot with the bow and arrow. She milled about in a circle around me and soon was walking on the edge of the steep slope right to my stand. From this slope she was more or less eye level with me. I dared not move because she would spot me in an instant. I will add I heard some more movement as my trail cameras indicate two does that frequent the north side of my land.

Soon. I heard her blow at me. She was about fifteen yards to my back but more or less just above her line of sight on this one side hill path.

She then walled more or less above me and then started the blowing at me more. Soon she ran off to the southwest to an adjacent property.

So that was the end of my late after work evening bowhunt in the Nutmeg State.

I hope I did not burn that stand out too much. It is hard when you only have a few acres to hunt off of in such a short notice of time.

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