PM hunt


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Oct 1, 2005
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Swamp Yankee Land
Last night was interesting. I headed home after work and got dressed in my camo and soon left the door with bow in hand. A short drive later found me at my night stand. The wind was a perfect westerly direction so no deer would be alarmed in their usual travel route.

I climb the stick ladder into my hang on stand and wait.

Soon, around 434 PM I hear something. I soon see a flash of brown. It is a coyote.

It is pretty big and it is standing about fifteen yards from me. I slowly move and grab my bow hanging off the tree on a screw in hook. The coyote sees me but is unsure of what I am. I am able to get the bow in position and I am ready to draw back.

The coyote starts to back peddal so I blow a kiss. He stops. As I am about to draw my gloved hand accidentally touches the trigger on the mechanical release. The arrow pops off the string causing enough of a delay where Mr. Coyote is now trotting off to safety.

So that is how my PM went.