No deer last night, but a first for us....


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Jul 14, 2016
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Sullivan County, NH
Sarah and I sat out last night in the stand I shot my buck last year. Its not an ideal archery stand as it is pretty much open hardwoods. We sit along an edge of hemlock with a lot of edge surrounding the open area. We have shot deer with firearms inside bow range many times, so it is a nice comfortable stand for the both of us. We were enjoying our "blind date" as we jokingly call it. The squirrels were up to their usual antics. Then as I was watching a squirrel ten feet from the stand, I see he has quieted down and is staring down the hill. I tell Sarah, I have an idea something is coming up the hill behind us. All of a sudden, the squirrel tucks tail and runs up a tree and starts sounding off. I tell her, that wasn't from us. I slowly turn to look down the hill behind us and see a black ball of fur. I say No sh*t! A bear. She says yeah right. I turn to her and say, not kidding. She slowly looks over my shoulder and sees it. She asks, Do you have your bear tag? My reply, I forgot to get it. We watch this bear come up the hill and mess around behind us. At one point he steps up on an old dead log 5 yards behind the stand. Sat there for a few sniffing the air, turned and ambled off down the trail we walked in on. Pretty cool memory with the wife.

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