Nh shed hunters- dead heads


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Apr 7, 2014
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Georges Mills, NH
Dear shed hunters in NH
Lt Murphy of Fish & Game recently provided me with clarification on the Department's policy practice on dead heads and I am posting it here so that you have it as well

" In general, our practice is the following:

The naturally shed antlers of moose and deer may be legally possessed without the requirement of a special wildlife permit.
However, any skeletal remains of moose, deer or bear that has died should be reported and investigated by a CO to verify the location and if the animal died naturally. If a person wanting such skeletal remains is a NH Resident, the CO may issue a Special Wildlife Permit for the possession of the skeletal remains or the carcass. Lt Murphy"

Carcass with fur ( the old standard for reporting) and skeletal remains are now considered the same as far as need to report your find.This change has been due to an increase in people poaching an animal and going back to "find" the head according to a different individual in Law Enforcement I spoke with online

My understanding is you can remove skeletal non furry head from woods if you well photograph document scene and can get a CO back to that exact location if need be, but I don't have that in writing it is just what I took from the conversation