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Apr 7, 2014
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Georges Mills, NH
From Eric orff

Deer number are up as well across the state. In fact, based on the current ten-year Fish and Game Deer Management Plan, the population number are above goal in 14 of the 20 Wildlife Management Units. This has resulted in more liberal seasons in parts of the state resulting in ever increasing deer takes. This set this year’s deer seasons for a near-record take of 13,987 based on the preliminary tally the results of Conservation Officers calling the deer registration stations on December 16th, the day after the archery season closed. While not the final number, it is the third highest on record, and is close to the final results. The previous record deer kill was in 1967 when 14,204 deer were taken. But back then, female deer made up 49 percent of the kill versus last year when only 30 percent of the 12,551 deer killed were does. The annual buck kill has been climbing steadily since 1983. In the last forty plus years the deer population has grown from an estimated number in the early 1980’s of a low forty-something thousand deer to well over 100,000 today. This too is a historically high number of deer for New Hampshire.”


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