NH camping for hunting season question?


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Oct 1, 2005
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Hello All:

Over Labor Day weekend I did an impromptu black bear hunt in the White Mountains. I stayed at a campground that was loud and just a tad out of the way of where I did some hunting. But I did make some discoveries.

While driving some back roads in the WM National Forest I became aware of free campsites on a couple of dirt roads. One was on Cherry Mountain Road and the other on I believe Gale River Road.

I sent an email to the forestry service and I was told that they are first come, first serve sites. Needless to say the sites for Labor Day would be filled up but I was wondering about the opening weekend of the muzzleloader season?

To me it would be kind of nice to do a three day camp out and hunt a couple of towns away from my makeshift one man camp. Kind of a simple DIY weekend adventure.

I did read that the campsites are shut down after the first snowfall. I would assume that if there was a light snowfall that it would not be the issue but I'd say the first plowable snowfall.

I do plan to check other options but again I'd appreciate some input on this. Thank you.

I would really love some opinions and advice on this.

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Jul 26, 2013
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I have no idea about what the amount of snow that needs to fall to close is, but I'd keep in mind that when you get up around Franconia notch it's a completely different weather situation and it changes on a dime. It would seem like a pain in the ass to me if I had a camper all set up, wake up to the perfect hunting conditions with 6 inches of snow and instead of trying to find a deer track , I have to pack up camp and move because it's closed.

If you're going solo, make sure you leave a detailed description of your daily plans at your vehicle and your camper. That's big woods up there. You have an accident, or get lost without cell service, you could be walking some miles with nobody knowing you're lost or hurt until you don't show up back home 3-4 days later.

I would look into a small road side cabin. If you can find one still open it should have heat. Or a road side motel.


Aug 4, 2006
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Those roads are gated and get shut down for the winter. When that happens I don't know, you could probably call and find out the status when you are ready to go. Finding Bigfoot did an episode on Old Cherry Mountain road several years ago, be careful!!


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Nov 6, 2020
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It is better to call there before the departure, nobody knows what happened there in winter, the road could be completely blocked. I am saying it because I know it is not the first time such a situation happens. Some years ago, a group of people nearly died there. Anyway, if you have plans to go, buy yourself some survival tools like a sleeping bag, a gas cooker, or other tools that might help you survive alone in a forest. Be sure, you won't be disappointed about it.
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