Monday Live Hunt


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
From the picture it looked like you might be 20-25 ft high. 15 feet is plenty high enough even though I got picked off Monday morning at that height.
Yes, the first picture makes it look high. I would say the second picture is more accurate as far as what it actually looks like.

As you know, the location of the stand makes a big difference. This one is in a huge hemlock tree with a lot of green branches and a huge trunk to get up against. The time I get picked off the most is when I don't stand up due to it being a deer that I don't want to shoot. Makes a big difference being a big seated blob as compared to a standing slim figure against the trunk of the tree. Then of course there are those ultra smart old does that seem to scan the trees!:)

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