May have blown it this PM


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Oct 1, 2005
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Between the French and Quinebaug Rivers.
Well. I think I blew it, sort of. I did an afternoon treestand hunt on the back side of my property. I went out and put three scent wicks that have been dipped in a bottle of ConQuest Ever Calm lure and climbed into my stand. Pulled up my day pack and Barnett Whitetail 2. I sat until the end of legal shooting light.
It was around 355 PM or so when I heard movement to the northwest of me. I am on a hillside covered with spruce and hardwood. The bottom has some giant white pines and spruce as well before it turns to some swampy lowland.
I could hear the distinctive footsteps of something other than a squirrel. Soon I spotted the outline of a doe. I watched her intently as she walked northward( away from my stand) and seemed to hole up. Soon at 405 or so, two does emerged into a long shooting lane I cut last summer. The does were next to each other. I surmised that the two are related. The larger must be the mother and the smaller, the daughter. I had the green circle of the crossbow scope reticule on her chest area and then moved to disengage the safety on the crossbow.
I guess that was all that had to take place. She must have seen my movement and the two bolted like scalded cats. They took off without making any sound but I saw tails headed to a swampy brook area.
I figured they were spooked but didn't really know what was wrong. After a while around 420 PM I heard the doe start blowing at me. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!
I guess that was it. Besides, it was the end of legal shooting light and I am hoping one of the two bucks I had seen on my trail camera would show up when I am in that stand.
I will give it a rest for a few days until Thanksgiving. I am hoping by then, the deer will not be as spooked.


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
Maybe the movement spooked them, but it sounds like they got your scent when they started snorting. At least you had some action, good luck on Thanksgiving.

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