Mass. Wildlife & Fisheries needs to be fired !.


Mar 30, 2021
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Some 14 years ago , I was ex patrioted from Massachusetts.In that year Mass. Wildlife annouced a moratorium on the taking of herring / alewives.There was obviously an out cry from all us Stripermen ,Canal Rats ,etc.Wildlife & Fisheries told us " relax " ,it would only be 2 seasons ,three tops.They told us that it was necessary to bolster the herring population and that through their management that would happen.It would be better for the fish ,the enviorment , and for us.In short , they lied.

Now , 14 years later....the moratorium is still in place , herring numbers struggle.You now need a permit to saltwater fish ($$$) and they slapped down on size restrictions.If this was a corporation they would be fired for gross mismanagement !.This is the second gross farce Wildlife and Fisheries has perpatrated upon the sportsman.In the mid 90's ,they touted the explosion in the deer population as a product of their management.It of course was /is a product of natural progression spurred by the building boom.Wildlife & Fisheries is great at taking your money and keeping their division afloat without giving much back.Just my opinion though.

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