Madbasser big bass contest enter now! (Nh)


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Apr 7, 2014
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Georges Mills, NH
Entry Deadline Aug 1,2021 6 pm
2021 Madbasser Big Bass Contest (New Hampshire)
August 14, 2021

Download entry form here
Contact us for an entry form via messenger or email [email protected]

Catch and Release Big Bass Contest
$35 entry. 20 boat limit

Kayak and canoe under human power ONLY


1.Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass are only species eligible for submission. Winner will be determined by the longest clearly measured fish.
A tie will be broken using the angler's next longest measured fish. (so enter several)

2. Winner of the Madbasser Big Bass Contest will be awarded all entry fees combined, MINUS the Our expenses. Additional prizes may be added later

3.Obey all N.H. Fish and Game laws and rules
4. Must only fish in little lake Sunapee, otter pond, gile pond, messer pond, may pond (all in nh)

5. Fish may be caught by any legal method. (live bait, lures, etc)

6. All fish to be submitted must be released unharmed at approximate point of catch.

7. Fish must be clearly photographed with the official measuring device (included in entry) , with measurement able to be clearly read by judges.

8.Fish entry photos must be text to Diane by 9 PM 8/14/2021

9. Kayaks and Canoes under human power only, will be the only crafts allowed in contest.

10. All participants must exercise good sportsmanship and conduct during contest hours. ANY reports of untoward activity will be investigated, and if activity is verified participant will be disqualified without refund of entry fee

11. All participants will display a contest decal on craft or visible equipment

12. Any terminally caught (dead/dying) fish must be kept and count towards your legal daily limit per F&G rules but cannot be submitted as a contest entry.

13. Contest hours are 6 AM to 8 PM Saturday August 14, 2021

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