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Nov 23, 2011
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Another successful youth turkey day in the books! The morning started out drizzly and quiet. We heard a few distant gobbles, but beards we had a good idea were in the area were quiet. We stayed at the first spot until about 6:00 am and the decided to go find a bird that wanted to play. Glassed a few sets of jakes at some spots but decided not to pursue. Around 7:30 am we found 2 big strutters and 2 hens in a spot we can hunt. We made a move on them by using a hedge row as cover. We set up and started calling and got 3 or 4 courtesy gobbles and then they shut up. We stayed for an hour without a response. Went back to the truck and drove around to where we last saw them and they were in the same spot strutting. I don't like to hunt turkeys by waiting for hours for them, so we left them behind and went to find some new birds. Drove by a few spots and couldn't find any customers. We then headed to a farm we have permission on and planned to make a big loop through several connected pieces. We got a 300 yards from the truck and in small pine grove that abuts a few big fields. I let a few yelps... nothing. I started cutting, and a bird cut me off with a thunderous gobble and he wasn't too far away. We quickly set out the decoy and each grabbed a tree. I let out another set of cuts and 4 different birds cut me off. Then a real hen started cutting. I cut back at her, they all erupted and were getting closer. I look over and I see the boy mount his gun and get ready. Immediately after, here comes the procession walking up the field edge towards us. I give em a few clucks and they light up. The real hens starts scolding us, and two toms, and two jakes are gobbling like crazy. The hen sees the decoy and comes marching in on a string cutting like crazy, with the whole flock in tow. All I can see is a glowing white head about 5 feet behind her. The they get about 35 yards away and the tom sees the decoy now and pops into full strutt. When he comes out of strutt and stretches his neck up, my son fires and stones him in his tracks. Yee haw!

When we get up to the bird we quickly realize that is a real nice bird and his best bird to date. Final stats are: 21.5 lbs, 1.25" & 1.25" spurs, and 10.25" beard.

hooks (2).jpg

Back to the truck and heading for a big breakfast by 8:45 am! Another awesome morning in the turkey woods. After this year he only has 1 youth day left... Man did it go fast.
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Apr 10, 2004
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That is a great bird. Congratulations to both of you.

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