Last Day of Rhode Island muzzleloader...


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Oct 1, 2005
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Between the French and Quinebaug Rivers.
Well. Actually tommorrow is but this illness of mine has reared it's ugly head again last night. Thus I need the rest and the wisest course of action is to stay home and rest as much as possible.

I was able to do some hunting in Rhode Island with the muzzleloader and learned quite a bit. I did see sign in the forms of rubs, scrapes and prints and I did see one flag but no luck filling out any of my tags.

All of my hunting was on public land. State owned property or on town owned land that allows hunting. When I think about it I wonder if time spent in Connecticut would have been better? For many years I have hunted Connecticut with the gun and bow. At the time it wasn't too bad and Dad and I had a honey hole of a private farm. For a good ten years we would fill out two deer tags apeice each rifle season in November. Unfortunately we lost that place and so we figured that it would be more economical to hunt the bow. This was especially true when the fees basically doubled. I still have some places I can hunt with the gun but as a non resident it would be a bit costly. But I am thinking now maybe it would not be? After all I have seen deer and would have a greater chance of getting one on some private land in Connecticut with a firearm or muzzleloader than time spent in Rhode Island.

You can see my posts under my hunting log but in a nutshell, if all goes well, I will be moving to Connecticut next year and devote most of my hunting time to that state. Will I hunt Rhode Island again? I am doubtful I will. I did see sign and one flag but not enough to warrant a license.

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