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Dec 11, 2013
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Well wife and I had a good time at the Total Archery Challenge in Killington this year. They seemed to have a good turn out too and sounds like they'll be coming back next year! It was good to bump into Fixed Blade on the practice range! Hope you shot well!

Wife and I picked up an airbnb studio apartment at pico and were pretty excited when we could literally see targets out the back window. Course started about 100 yards from our back door. We showed up friday evening, shot the Prime course saturday, and the MtnOps course sunday. Both of us shot well one day, and not so well the other. First day I'm pretty sure my wife out shot me, she seemed to be hitting everything, and I lost a few arrows haha. Sunday I rebounded and she struggled a bit. Neither of us had shot nearly as much as we should have leading up to the shoot. Her working full time, and back at school, and me coaching softball 4-5 nights a week took up alot of our free time. All in all it was a good weekend, good shoot, and met a lot of other great people. Oh an quite the scenery, beautiful backdrop while shooting!

toughest shot on the course, 125 yards. Put the fast eddie to 100 yards and aim about 5' over the back. We told Jaimi to aim about 2/3 of the tree haha

My buddy and I hit decent. Jaimi was still about 30 yards short haha

Fixed blade

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Mar 10, 2012
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Good bumping into you as well. My group had a great time. We shot good and wished we had a few back but all in all it was a success. Weather was great, courses very challenging and a good time had by all.