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Apr 10, 2004
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Muzzleloader week

I planned to spend 3 days muzzleloader hunting, 2 with MGK in central Maine and one here at home. I went south Tuesday and Wednesday and had a great hunt with Matt, where he killed anice 9 pointer. I called home Tuesday evening and my wife said that we had received 10 inches of snow that day and were supposed to get another 9-14 Thursday. That really made it imperative that I get home Wednesday night. Well, we did get another foot on Thursday, some of the heaviest, wettest snow I've seen. With 22-24 inches of snow on the ground, it was going to be darned near impossible to get to many places with a vehicle.

I spent a part of Saturday morning cleaning up and moving snow but at 10:30 I decided I better go if I were going. Started out for the woodlot across the road and immediately was up over my thighs in snow. It was going to be tough going. In most places the snow was knee deep and in many places it was up to my waist. I got to the woods and thought I should poke along the thick green growth just to see what was happening. This lot has been cut maybe 6-8 years ago and is head high thick brush with pockets of spruce, fir, and cedar. Along that edge there was sign of a doe and fawn but nothing to get overly excited about. I made my way to a cedar point where the deer always seem to gravitate to. There is a natural seep there and they normally have trails beat down. The hard part is there is no easy or quiet way to get there.

I made my way to that point and on the eastern side the deer had a nice trail with some very fresh sign that was heading south. (There will be a stand nearby next Fall). I figured I'd follow just to see and only went 50 or 60 yards when I came upon a giant smoking fresh track. Then a little ways further a smaller but still decent track that was fresher. HUMM maybe a chance. I followed them for about a mile and could see the field in front of me but no deer. I was making noise as there is no way to get through that crap with any stealth. I got to within 40 yards of the field edge and looked to my right. There was a buck facing me behind a spruce blowdown. Cross hairs on his chest, boom, and he ran about 30 yards out in the field and dropped. CRAP, now the fun begins. I looked around after and the deer that I was following actually turned at the field edge and went back north.

About a 2 1/2 hour drag.

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