Hundreds of striped bass washed up deceased on Nova Scotia shores


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Nov 11, 2020
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There was a couple videos along with this, but I don't know how to transfer them. If you have any facts as to what's going on, please comment.

Huge fish kill (stripe bass) at North harbour in Dingwall Cape Breton Nova Scotia. *** has been reported!
Update Jan 3,2022 3:07pm due to the number of people asking questions, we can't respond to you all. Therefore we will update as we Know more from the Biologists, DFO. Until we have a confirmation of what killed the stripe bass we will not speculate! Let's get science based confirmation.
We were contact by a resident of the area with concerns as they spotted this while duck hunting. Another resident put in a call to DFO but apparently they are closed for holiday.
In order to find out what happen one of the two residents have bagged a number of fish to freeze them for DFO to exam. As the birds of prey are having a feast on the dead fish. Also worry of the tides washing the evidence out to sea is a factor. Hence why some where recovered by the residents.
We need to know what happen, from what we are told is their are hundreds of stripe bass dead.
Stan Peach Jeff McNeil Tim Cremo
Sharon Montgomery-Dupe
Side note: DFO and NS fisheries notified via our Twitter account.
Media inquires, contact via email [email protected]
Warning video may contain fowl language!


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Dec 21, 2015
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I would assume that they would know that they are striped Bass. Maybe its not real.

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