Handgun hunting for small game and varmints legal...


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Oct 1, 2005
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Between the French and Quinebaug Rivers.
A while ago some RI friends asked me if I was planning to hunt RI this year. I said that I doubt it and commented that I like to hunt with a handgun. They all know that and low and behold someone in the group said you can hunt small game and varmints in RI with a handgun. The person is a RI Conservation officer and I got written confirmation that a licensed hunter in RI can hunt small game and varmints with a handgun.

The rules are that on state land it must be a rimfire such as 17 HMR,22 LR or 22 WRM. After sunset for coon it must be 22 lr. Also you can only carry one gun and it must be plainly open to view. I asked about my Massachusetts residency and he said as long as you have a valid MA LTC you can hunt in RI with the above mentioned handguns.

Well. This was elating news. I like to roam the woods offseason in the hopes of shooting small game. I know in RI small game runs until February 28th so that offers an avid hunter plenty of time to do things.

Needless to say I did get my RI license. I do plan to hunt the muzzleloading season then in January do some calling with the FoxPro and try my luck.

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