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Nov 10, 2005
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mid western Georgia
I had nothing to do Sat. So a friend and I decided what the heck lets do a bow hunt. Most of the state is closed but there are a couple of counties that still allow bow hunting until Jan. 31. So off we went early Sat. morning. The area we were hunting is a between 2 sub divisions that one of my son's houses borders. We were a little late getting to the woods so we moved swiftly getting to our stands. We jumped one deer on the way in. I had a lock on stand up already and my friend had a climber. I swear I wasn't on stand 10 min. when 2 doe came in I was no way ready for them and the woods are so wide open this time of year with no cover they caught me trying to get into position for a shot and off they went. No more then 45 min latter I saw 2 more deer sneaking through the brush I decided this time I was not going to move but wait and hope they came around where I could get a shot by just lifting my crossbow and shooting. Well sure enough they did and I shot the bigger one of the two. I was not sure of the hit so I figured I would look at my arrow and see if I could figure something out. I searched high and low and never found that arrow. I shoot a Excalibur 380 so I figured it went through the deer and berried itself deep in the ground. Any way looked and looked and could not find any blood so I started doing grid searches in the direction I saw the deer run off. After a while I figured I must have missed but continued with my grid search. All of a sudden about 75 yards form where the deer was when I shot there was a huge spot of blood and another and another the easiest blood trail I ever followed the pie sized spots were about 3 feet apart. After another 75-100 yards there laid a nice big doe. Latter on the afternoon hunt my friend had 4 deer come out on him with in 20 yards but he got busted as well when he tried to turn on them for a shot. All and all it was a great day especially when I really had hung all my hunting stuff up for the year. So we decided what the hay we are going to go this Sat. again. Got to love Ga. and the late season.

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