Groundhogs and squirrel hunting


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Oct 25, 2020
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Hi, I'm new here. I have almost no previous hunting experience, so wanted to ask some people more experienced.

I recently bought a house in West Haven, CT and I have a pesky groundhog that is eating my vegetables. I read somewhere that it was totally ok to do so if they are causing a nuisance. But wanted to verify.

1. Is it legal to shoot groundhogs and squirrels on my property with a BB gun and/or pellet rifle without a hunting permit/license?

2. Second question - Can I shoot squirrels on private property without a license for food purposes?

3. If it's not legal, what would be the legal way to hunt them? Thank you so much.

I would greatly appreciate any written CT laws and statutes that explicitly pertain to my questions so that I know what I am doing is legal.

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