First finds of 2019


Jan 3, 2017
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WV and Ohio
Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at a 1000 acre wildlife area to do some winter scouting. I located a few buck beds and some huge tracks. When I left I took the long way home and remembered 5 big bucks I watched over the summer from the highway. I pulled in just before dark and saw 5 deer, however they were all does. As I was turning my car around I noticed something on the hillside. I walked up and it was a big 5 point side from at least a year ago. The crazy part to this is about 6-8 years ago I was turning my car around and found a huge 6 point shed in the exact spot. I went back out this afternoon and found a tiny 4 point side that is fresh. Hopefully many more to come. I’m still seeing a lot of bucks carrying their racks. DCA712D6-08CC-4C5B-8B1C-4348767D64A2.jpgB1AA9306-00A8-4435-8C4F-3ED1ABEBB50D.jpgBBE4D26B-DD2C-48EB-9A2E-360FB61BE80F.jpg9070C22B-3B56-4213-9D38-B333B4DCDFBE.jpg