Firearms deer - 11/12/21


Dec 4, 2010
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Southwest NH
With the wind and rain forecast, I wanted to take advantage and get on my feet to cover some ground. I started the 2 mile trek off at first light and slowly made my way south following a brook. The brook dumps into a swamp and that’s where I wanted to be. Plan was to circle the swamp and then make my way back north following the swamp’s eastern edge. The first four hours revealed some nice locations (where I may run a stand at some point), but no deer sightings. Fast forward to 10:00.

At around 10:00 I was approaching the home stretch and preparing to make my way to the truck. There was about 300 yards of swamp edge before I hit the tote road. I had just entered an area where the swamp tapers into a narrow 40 yard stretch (before opening up again) to my left and fairly steep long hill to my right. The deer typically cross this narrow portion of the swamp and make their way to and from their feeding/bedding areas. Right there I was noticing a fresh scrape and tracks when off to my right, a deer blows and takes off to the southeast up and over the hill. It looked like a doe so I froze and continued to scan the hillside. I caught movement and saw another doe. “This is interesting “. Still scanning, I spot more movement and a bigger body. Then I saw a glimpse of antlers. These two were just about to the top of the hill, but clearly didn’t understand why the other deer had taken off. I crouched down behind an old blowdown and made three calls with the grunt tube. This caught the doe’s attention and she started to head down the hill with the buck in tow. Of course, he followed her lead and worked his way. Just as he got to an opening at about 60 yards, I fired the Benelli R1 30-06 and a 165 grain nosler partition did the rest. Clipped the heart and blew apart the lungs. 8 points and 142 lbs (aged at 2 1/2 by the biologist at Morse’s).

Having shot a large 8 early in October, my plan was to take something with a rack with rifle. Mission accomplished!




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Jan 4, 2009
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Shot a fork horn yesterday. Big 10 and an 8 I had on cam have dissapeared
Funny how they do that…makes you wonder if some other hunter got lucky or they just moved on until they’re back the following year…this happens with all the nice bucks I get on cam…and I’m always excited to see them on cam again. Mysterious.

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