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May 1, 2007
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Ok, this is no joke.... I can't make this up. Last Friday, up and out, 7:50 am, doing a drive around, as usual, got a couple of spots I want to check out. I'm sure everyone does this, that you have a game plan in case nothing pans out.
Drive by spot #1, nothing... it's late, sun's up etc... oh wait!!! As I turn down the road, where my daughter and I have doubled twice, are 2 toms standing in the road strutting with 2 hens on the grass!!! Here we go!!! I drive by them, park
my truck and watch them loop around heading to the woods. I'm thinking.... I can do this, circle around and head them off!!! I get suited up.... basic, no decoys, just my seat/vest and go!!! I slowly aproach the wooded area and see nothing, "sweet!!!" find a tree with some cover and get setup. I whip out the push button call, hit it.... 4 gobbles!!! 2 to the left (birds I saw) and 2 to the right. (didn't know they were there. Hit the call again, same responce.... but one of the right birds sounds closer. I'm looking to my left, when I catch a black fan coming in from the right!!! He B-lines it straight at me... from 60 yards, in and out of trees... other birds are gobbling, but this one gets the prize!! Boom.... done. Time?? 8:15am.
23 plus pounds and what spurs!!! I don't deserve this kind of treatment as most T hunters get up for first light and work for it. Now on to getting Taylor her 2nd bird!!! Hope everyone's season is going great!!!

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