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Apr 10, 2004
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This is the forum in which you post non-hunting or fishing related stuff. General conversations, updating issues which you would like to share with others, venting, etc... Of course....politics may rear its ugly head. The rules regarding politics are below:

1. We are not a political talk forum and will not engage in political talk.
2. If you have a political article which you would like the members to see, it must be hunting related (laws, legislation, funding, etc...)
3. Once you post the link to the article, or the "cut and pasted" article, your post will be locked by the moderators. This will allow you to show the article which you feel was important in an educational manner, but does not allow for editorial, opinion or other such discussion.
4. If a post is found to be political opinion of a member, it will be deleted and a PM sent to the author. If an article is posted which conforms to the rules, but people have posted below it before it could be locked, those posts will be deleted and the thread will be locked.

We apologize for this, but one thing that is very, very clear in my 10 years of playing on these forums....sports, religion, and politics do not work on hunting forums.
Not open for further replies.