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Oct 1, 2005
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Swamp Yankee Land
I had the day off due to the election so I arose somewhat early and headed to my stand site. I arrived a tad late,right at legal shooting time and went into my stand. I set my blue tooth speaker and used the Ruger iHUNT application to make some calls.

The area is loaded with mountain laurel and I found a split oak tree to set my hang on stand. In front of me is a patch of laurel with a run that has four scrapes going in about a 100 yard circle. To the east of me is another laurel patch.

To cut to the chase it was about 710 AM when I played the estrous doe call. At 711 I hear movement to the east and see a face. It is a deer. It is about 40 yards but in thick brush. The wind is sort of westerly by northwest which kind of puts my scent to the buck. I did have my fleece camo outfit on which has been vacuum sealed with scent wafers. So it smells heavily of earth. The deer is in a spot that later I lazed at 36 yards. It looked directly at me but then wandered off to the north and ate some acorns. It was at 46 yards, again lazed but for me out of range for my Bowtech Guardian.

I spotted the deer move westward a good 75 to 100 yards away as it went along the trail.

I pressed the estrous bellow and soon saw the deer come back but it followed the same circular route and this time in the middle of the laurels. So no way for a shot. The last thing at 734 AM I saw was the back side of the buck at a slow trot to the southwest where it came from.

I am wondering, should I move my stand closer to the laurel patch where it came from? Should I just sit tight? Not 100 percent sure what to do.