Buck Down


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
Totally screwed up a few days ago. Had a bigger buck than this come in to 14 yards in fading light and I shot just under his heart. Then he ran to 20 yards and I shot in the same place again. I was totally disgusted, I think I did the old short draw and did not pick a spot.

Back to the drawing board. Did a lot of shooting and mental preparation. Pick a spot, full draw. Filed my Bear heads to a ragged, sharp edge.

Went to a ladder stand where I had some smaller bucks come by 2 days ago. I had 5 bucks come out, none to big and they were feeding on Japanese Hop vines. I hear some scuffling behind me and see the bucks that were eating all looking in my direction. I look behind me, see some movement, very thick, and then there is the subject buck standing at the base of my tree, sniffing. Directly behind my tree. When he momentarily looked back, I stood up, my bow was already on my lap with arrow nocked. He stood there for 10 minutes sniffing and looking around. What a gorgeous animal, I was thinking. Then he started eating leaves off a branch that I trimmed when I got in my stand! He feed for a long time!
It was really wearing on me standing at the ready for so long and not moving. lol I couldn't move though. Finally, he turned and started slowly walking away, but out from behind the tree. I raised my bow and he turned just enough so I had his whole side at probably 5 yard. I drew to full draw and hit him right where I was looking. He ran in an all out run for about 100 yards before going down. Pretty sweet after the screw up a few days ago. Thanks for reading.
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