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Jan 4, 2009
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I have a 3-can set…the small and middle ones work by blowing in the hole but the large one doesn’t. Also the sound when blowing appears to me somewhat muted.
I’ll be using them the original way by tipping them over. That said, these have never called in a deer (that I know of) 😂


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
The grunt call is much more useful and effective in most instances. Not a bad idea to have "the can" also to play around with.

On a cold, still morning you can call in bucks from 1/4 mile or more away, with some loud grunts. You can stop and call in a cruising buck at 100 or more yards and call him over with the grunt call also.

Couple of grunt call stories below.

I was sitting in a tree stand in Maine on a slope that descended to a big swamp below me. The wet leaves had frozen over during the night and it was extremely loud walking. At about 7 am I gave some loud grunts that I'm sure carried 1/4 mile or more down into the swamp. A few minutes later I heard some faint crunching coming up from the swamp, I listened to it get louder and louder for probably 10 minutes until I shot a nice 9 point, 170lbs, at 80 yards.

Sitting in same stand, I made some grunts and had a 7pt, 190 lbs come up from the same swamp. I backtracked him in the snow from where I shot him and saw his tracks moving along the edge of the swamp. The tracks stopped, he made a scrape, and made a 90 degree turn and came right to me where I shot him. That's where he heard my grunt.

Dozens of other examples, but I could have been using the can in the same instances and never have been heard. Also, I have stopped and turned many cruising rut bucks that I have shot or almost shot with the grunt call.

Unless I am tracking. When I am in Maine from first light to 730 am or so, I am sitting somewhere using the grunt call, then I usually start still hunting.
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Feb 8, 2014
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Southern NH
Im batting 1000 with both the grunt call and the can . I've never called anything in with either one of them !
But I did call in a hunter once while rattling ! :D

The one time I could of used the freakin grunt call , I forgot the damn thing at camp . Had a buck chasing a Doe around above me grunting like a madman . I couldn't see them because they where up on the flat and I was downhill from them . I did grunt with my mouth . I could hear him stop , but he never showed . Later on after it was over , I crept up to where they were and found the tracks in the snow where he had gone to the edge of the slope looking for where the sounds were coming from . But not far enough out to a spot where I could see him .

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