Bill to oppose trapping on NWR


Jan 30, 2009
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Northeast Kingdom, VT
New York Congresswoman Nita Lowey, a longtime opponent of hunting rights, has introduced legislation that would ban trapping on national wildlife refuge lands. House Resolution 1438 would ban body gripping, foothold and snare traps on more than 150 million acres of federal land.

Please write your Representative to ask them to oppose H.R. 1438

This was my email, feel free to copy:

I am writing to ask that you oppose H.R.1438 should it come out of committee.
The National Wildlife Refuge System was not designed to be sanctuary for animals; instead, it was specifically designed to include hunting, fishing and trapping. Moreover, in 1997 Congress approved the National Wildlife Refuge Improvement Act, which identified hunting, which includes trapping, as a priority use of refuge land. The law was signed by President Bill Clinton. In addition, trapping is an effective tool for controlling predators, which can negatively impact other wildlife on refuge lands.
Trapping is utilized across the United States, by both federal and state wildlife managers. Refuge land is managed in cooperation with state fish and wildlife agencies. HR 1438 would put a one-size-fits-all federal ban in place for refuges rather than allow state biologists do what is best for individual refuge properties. The traps that would be banned by HR 1438 are the most common and effective devices used by trappers for management. Please let wildlife biologists make decisions regarding the use of, and seasons for, trapping, rather than being directed by legislation.
Thank you for your time.


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Oct 30, 2007
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Our good friends over at HSUS stirred the pot last month when Trump overturned legislation that was enacted in August regard the Alaska NWR. They tried to stir up emotions by claiming hunters would now be able to "slaughter" wolf pups and bear cubs while they were in dens. I saw Massachusetts hunters lose their minds and side with the HSUS propaganda on Facebook last month. Thanks for keeping your eyes peeled and us informed!