Assembly Hearing Rescheduled for California Anti-Hunting Bil


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Oct 15, 2005
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Assembly Hearing Rescheduled for California Anti-Hunting Bill- (03/27)
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A public hearing for a California bill that would put a tight leash on hunting with hounds has been moved to the first week in April. Sportsmen from across the Golden State are urged to take immediate action and defeat the threatening bill.

Assembly Bill 2110, sponsored by Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, D-El Cerrito, could make sportsmen who hunt with dogs and pet owners whose dogs have run-ins with backyard wildlife vulnerable to prosecution. Sportsmen are urged to attend the Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing on April 4 to explain their concerns about the bill.

Assembly Bill 2110 seeks to ban open field coursing events that sportsmen enjoy with sighthounds. It prohibits dogs from being untethered and from chasing animals. It allows prosecution of a dog owner if a dog injures or kills a rabbit or fox. Recent amendments to the bill do not provide sufficient protections to sportsmen. The bill remains a threat to outdoor sports.

Assembly Bill 2110 is among the latest in a tide of poorly-worded bills that seek to ban “animal cruelty.” Similar measures have recently threatened hunting in states from coast to coast. The California bill could easily lead to prohibitions for waterfowlers and upland game hunters who use dogs in the field. It could even be construed so that average dog owners would be open to prosecution if their dogs chase or kill a rabbit in their own backyard.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) alerted outdoorsmen about similar animal cruelty bills in other states that would have banned hunting with dogs. The sportsmen responded and their grassroots action has stopped similar bills in other state including New Jersey, Georgia, Texas and Iowa.

Take Action! California sportsmen and dog owners should attend the Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing on April 4 to oppose AB 2110. The hearing will be held in Room 126 of the State Capitol Building at 9:00 a.m. Your attendance will help demonstrate concern that AB 2110 threatens sportsmen and law abiding citizens with prosecution for unleashed dogs in their own backyard.

If you cannot attend, please contact your Assembly member and the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and let them know you oppose AB 2110. Members of the committee are listed below. To find your legislator, call (916) 319-2856 or use the Legislative Action Center at

Assembly Public Safety Committee Members

Assembly Member
Phone Number

Chairman Mark Leno
D-San Francisco

Rebecca Cohn
D-San Jose

Mervyn Dymally

Jay La Suer
R-La Mesa

Jackie Goldberg
D-Los Angeles

Ira Ruskin
D-Los Altos

Todd Spitzer


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