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Dec 14, 2009
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Bowdoin, ME
Let me start by saying this has been a strange but rewarding season. I never saw a tail or heard a deer blow? I started the end of August hunting for bear with nothing coming to the bait. I moved on to deer in the expanded zone on 12 Sep and was out every day either a morning or afternoon sit and sometimes both. I did not see anything for the whole month of September. 1 October I see a bunch of deer in the morning and shoot an 8 Pt buck. I have my second deer sighting on 9 October and shoot a button buck. I did not see anything the rest of the month but was on my moose hunt the last week in October. Early November I see 2 does in the expanded zone but have no shot. 10 Nov I call in a small buck from the same stand I shot this one but let him pass. 18 Nov I see a deer about 15 minutes after sun set but can't make it out that well and it did not stick around long anyway and it was getting dark. Now with a few deer and half a moose already in the freezer I was not hunting all that hard but still going out mornings and afternoon sits. 19 Nov I got up around 0620 made some coffee and drank that while watching the morning news. When I headed out around 0700 it was 17 degrees with no wind a perfect morning to be out. I had a blind set up about 200 yards from my front door so I was ready around 0715. I had a decoy that I did not use all season so I set that up next to my bluetooth speaker that I have been using with my deer call app I have on my phone. Around 0815 this buck started to come in walking toward my blind. I don't know if he saw the decoy or my calls but he was coming right in. I line up his chest and let the Model 70 rip and he dropped right there. 8 PT 142lbs. The story gets better after I get him up to the house I went in and washed up and got the wife to come down and take some pictures. I checked the deer out and realized I needed to clean out the back end better so I went to the house and got my knife that I have had since 1979 or 1980. The knife is a R. H. Ruana hand made in Bonner Montana. After Taking care of that I got some lunch took a shower and was relaxing when I remembered the knife and said I need to clean it up. I can't find the knife in the house so I go down where I last had it and find the sheath but not the knife? After an hour or so going crazy looking for it my wife comes down to help but still can't find it. She goes outside and comes in a said she found it so now I am relieved. My Golden picked it up and carried it up by the house probably licking the blood off the handle? Not many deer sightings but a very successful season, 8pt Buck.jpg 8 PT Buck2.jpg 8 PT Buck3.jpg

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