2023 Hunting Chat Turkey Contest


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
It's time to enter the 2023 Big Turkey Contest!
Scores are based on the National Wild Turkey Federation scoring system. Spursx10 beard x2 Plus weight. (https://www.nwtf.org/the-lifestyle/turkey-records-home). It's easy, just put your numbers in the calculator on the website. If you have a problem doing it PM me and I will do it!

No limit on number of birds entered, upgrades are ok, if you killed them in any state in the spring of 2023.
A photo of you, with your turkey, and the score must be posted in the 2023 Turkey Meat Pole thread.
Anyone that enters must have 250 posts
Turkeys entered must be killed by a Hunting Chat member
Everyone must be entered before the start of the season in your state.
Turkey must be entered no later than 1 day after the season closes in the state where it was shot.

Thanks guys let's make this fun and see who brings home some bragging rights!
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Oct 31, 2022
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New here but next year I’m definitely in! Give me some more motivation to go out there and get after some gobblers!


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Jul 31, 2011
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Pocono's PA
One of my better days in the turkey woods. Absolutely the hardest rain I ever hunted in.
It was just coming down.
I popped a blind up the night before.
Ran 300 yards from the truck to the blind in pitch black.
Turkeys didn't care 15 minutes after opening light 2 Jakes came in at 20 yards.
Fed for 30 minutes, walked off 10 minutes later, 2 hens. I started calling.
No response. They stayed for about 20. A third hen joined them.
I started calling again.
I hear a distint hen really yelping.
3 fields away, over 500 yards. I see her coming on a tear.
She pops out in my field with a Tom in tow.
She runs to my decoy. Knows something is up, puts on the brakes, does an about face.
Too late, Tom picked his head up, lights out.
19.25 pounds, 1" Spurs, 9" Beard Score =57.25
Out of 3 hours in the blind, I only had maybe 15 minutes where there wasn't a turkey in the field and not a single Gooble.
For that fact, no other hunters either, Nice day.

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