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Aug 29, 2014
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This turkey season has been a fun one for me and the rest of the guys that hunt out of our camp. I got an early start to the season when Shooterbuck and I got to take my son out on youth day. He's been tagging along with me turkey hunting since he was 5. In the last 6 years he's had his share of close calls, misses and excuses, but this year he was able to seal the deal on a nice jake.

We were working a tom when a jake snuck in from behind us and started alarm putting at us. It used about all the shooting ability my son had to get off his butt to his knees and turn 180* to shoot the Jake that was now fully aware of us being there and starting to head away. He was able to knock the bird down but there was plenty of flopping and a bit of hand to hand combat to finally finish him off that caused a lot of feather loss. Regardless he was pumped to finally have his first turkey.

The next weekend I only did limited hunting as my daughter tagged along to camp. She's 9 and not much of a hunter yet but loves the camp life. We went out for a few late morning hunts and did some scouting for others in camp. We did have some excitement when one of the guys in camp was able to get his first bird. This came from a mid day hunt where he and another guy were going to sneak in and setup and call for a while. They weren't able to get more than a hundred yards from the truck when they heard toms fighting. The fighting seemed to split up a bigger group of birds and with a little calling he was able to shoot a jake that came in hard and fast to his calls.

The following Friday and Saturday we had a different group of guys in camp. Lots of action and a couple misses early on Friday. Later in the morning I met up with Shooterbuck, my uncle and cousin to try to work a bird we heard gobble deep off any roads. Because of the terrain we could hear him well but per the GPS he was a little over a half mile by the time Shooter buck was able to kill him. We had to close a lot of distance and work a bird that was set on strutting where he was on the side of a hill. It ended up being a great hunt with 90 mins of calling with him responding back. Spitting and drumming. Closing distance, setting up just to do it all again maybe a couple times. All of us got a great show and got to hear the whole thing play out when the bird finally got shot.

Saturday we were out at it again. I hunted with my son and my dad. Right off the roost we were able to get a tom to come up hill to us. My son had a great view and whiffed at 32 yards. He was disappointed but it was early so we moved on to some other spots.
Later we had set up in an old log yard and were working a group of 3 toms. Struggling to get them to cross a road and come out of unhurtable private property. Eventually they broke our way but as turkey hunting goes they didn't come in from the direction we had expected. All 3 popped up periscoping the log yard looking for the hen that had been making all that racket. This was one of the few times we actually used any decoys and they may have saved us from getting spotted at this point. They noticed the decoys and started making their way to them. Since they hadn't come from the direction we expected they passed less than 15 yards from where my son and I were sitting on their way to check out the decoys. They must have picked out some movement because they started to spook. At this point I flattened one them. My son took a shot or 2 with no luck.
We headed out to a different area and worked another bird later in the morning but we couldn't get him to close enough distance.
All in all, lots of action. A few birds shot. a few misses and lots of fun. I'll see about getting some pictures added.


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