2021 New Jersey Pounds and Points Contest


Jun 22, 2014
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North Jersey Woods ( NJW)
2021 New Jersey P&P Sign Up
Time to sign up for Hunting Chat's, New Jersey's Biggest Buck, P&P Contest, this will be our 2nd year!

1) Sign up by 9/14/21 Post count to be met same day.

2) Total post count determined by joining date on HuntingChat. If you have joining dates in 2021 you need 75 posts. In 2020 you need 150 posts. In 2019 you need 225 posts. In 2018 or earlier you need 300 posts.

3) Any wild and free ranging NJ deer taken by any legal means in any legal season legally killed and registered will qualify. All deer can be entered if you have multiple tags.

4) Scoring will be by the Pounds and Points system. Field dressed weight(LBS) plus gross B&C score(INCHES) will be combined for the final score.

5) Weight shall be with all organs and viscera removed.

6) Antler score, no deduction, can be determined by the individual or qualified help.

7) Picture of deer required.

8) All entries MUST be entered by 11:59PM on 01/07/22. They must be posted in the New Jersey 'meat pole' with weight and antler score so that the final outcome of who the winner is may be determined.


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Apr 21, 2012
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I am in for the pounds and points, but i will say that I am focused on filling the freezer here too and probably not letting too much walk by.

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