2019 NH Harvest Report


Aug 12, 2004
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Phillipston, MA
I love reading the harvest summary...especially the moose summary. Unfortunately there are a few errors/discrepancies in this year's moose report.
1) There were only 8 NR tags drawn, yet the first page says 11 NR hunters filled their tags (this could be accounted for by the auction tag, hunt of a lifetime tag, medical deferment, or listing a NR as a subpermittee etc) no big deal.
2) It says the Max antler spread was 54.0" yet in the summary chart on page 39 there is a bull from CT Lakes listed as 62.75"
3) The 10 year average chart has all the data shifted and no 2019 column. You can see that when you compare the 2018 report to the 2019 report. For Example Zone D1 in 2014 had a 44.4% success rate, yet it is now listed as the 2013 success rate...this can easily be corrected by correcting the header...damn Excel spreadsheets LOL

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