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Nov 10, 2005
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mid western Georgia
Just got back from 5 days of hunting the National forest in Monticello with my oldest son we got nothing. I saw a buck for about 3 seconds (don't know the points) another guy shot an 11 point and another guy shot a 10 point. But for me I figured this would be an off year I didn't have time to do much before the season and am going into these areas cold. I figure next year I will have private land (I hope) as the public land around here is saturated with hunters but no one still hunts all stand hunters. I believe out rut is about to start they are in the pre lock down mode right now. I will crossbow hunt in my lower 40 ac. the next couple days and then I have a new piece of open land I just bought a permit for I'm going to try to check out. It's very hard getting land to hunt around here. But like I said hopefully next year will be better. Took me many years to find my spots in Ma. So I figured it's going to take some time here too. On a side note my buddy in Ma who I turned all my stand locations has gotten nothing either. I don't know what's up with that either.

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