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  1. ahmoore

    Beagle Wear Outdoor Stalker Coat

    If OK, adding a CL direct link for a friend selling a super nice dark green Beagle coat, size medium on VT CL: (I have the same Stalker model, awesome jacket w/ nice layout of outer pockets, inner GPS/phone pocket...
  2. ahmoore

    Happy Bday to Legendary Deer Tracker

    Chuck Norris turns 76 today and another fact to add to the many: Remington 7600 Trademark: "In a perfect world, every deer would be a one shot kill." Fact: "In Chuck's world, every deer is a one roundhouse kick kill." Two more good ones I heard today: "Some people wear Superman...
  3. ahmoore


    Hey bud, your inbox is full and couldn't message back. (I'll have moderator delete this after you get.)
  4. ahmoore

    WTB Windows 7

    Looking for pre-owned Windows 7 Home Premium "Upgrade" CD version w/ product key, whereby someone has upgraded to 8 or 8.1. (Would prefer to buy from someone directly as many on Ebay are second hand along w/ taking a gamble if product key is valid.). Thanks.
  5. ahmoore

    Windows 7

    Thanks oneshott, will check as you suggested, plus moved over to other section as WTB.
  6. ahmoore

    NW Ontario 2014 NR Hunting Dates

    For the regulars, anyone seen firearms dates for non-residents? I looked and only came up w/ preliminary for residents. (I would like to take advantage of going at least once while stationed in MN as it's not that far away.).
  7. ahmoore

    Hunter's Smart Seat

    Anyone purchase/use or know of someone using w/ feedback - thumbs up or down? I recall KTP selling and found they stopped carrying due to low sales...
  8. ahmoore

    Remington 700 Kwik Klip

    Not that long ago I gave an older 700 Classic a good home w/ hinged floor plate. Grew to favor clips from 7600s, BLRs, etc. Was seeing a Kwik Klip (Drexler Industries) option specifically for 700s on Cabelas, and carried by a few other online stores, w/ very reasonable pricing in comparison to...
  9. ahmoore

    Bow Recommendations

    Have an older Bear TRX 32 and was toying w/ idea of upgrading in the off season. A while back I was using a Bass Pro range and it was slow, so the tech had me shoot their best Redhead bow so I could get an appreciation for design and other improvements, which I believe he said was made by...
  10. ahmoore

    Weathermaster .308

    One on Gunbroker. Someone on here had a clever idea and swapped out the synthetic w/ walnut. It looked fantastic. You don't see many and seems like they have maintained their value very well.
  11. ahmoore

    Southern NH Recommendations?

    Hello. We cut our getaway trip in Errol a little short - didn't see as many tracks as hoped but had fun. Back to parent's place in Portsmouth and have a few days before I fly back to where I'm MN stationed. Would love to get some more hunts in w/ my Dad if I can figure out a place within a...
  12. ahmoore

    Anyone near New London?

    Putting some feelers out as I might need to come up w/ a back up plan if I can't get a flight closer to my parents to drop off hunting gear in Portsmouth, NH before I head down to CT for training. Should I fly directly to airport closest to New London, was wondering if anyone lives nearby New...
  13. ahmoore

    NCAA Hockey Maine vs Duluth

    Duluth wins 5 to 2. They play Boston College tomorrow on way to Frozen Four Championship.
  14. ahmoore

    Overdue MN Report

    Deer hunting days were very limited this yr (move, new job, house built) and was hoping to make up a little w/ a late Jan bow season hunt just across the bridge in WI w/ more low down to pass. Didn't happen though.. mbVT being a big woods fan was all chips in when I got confirmation on orders...
  15. ahmoore

    Pulling Chocks MN Northwoods

    mbVT lands here in Duluth tomorrow and then we con't north for opening week. Moved out here this summer, so super stoked to have HC buddy willing to help sort new woods out. We'll get some good MN terrain reports and pics to compare/contrast to NE hunting but should be similar though. Feelin'...
  16. ahmoore

    Maine Sportsman Past Issues

    Any subscribers keep old issues? I've kept most, but am having difficulty locating a certain one/article and it's driving me nuts since I can picture the article. I believe it was not that long ago around 2007/2008 period. I don't want to send anyone on a wild goose chase as it's not that...
  17. ahmoore

    Arrow Tips for Rabbit

    Saw several rabbits this past season on neighbors land where I bow hunt deer. Thought of doing some scouting and figured why not try w/ the bow if the rabbits are still around. (No rifles or shotguns allowed on property). Was at outdoor store and saw they had limited choices on some small...
  18. ahmoore

    7600 .35 Rem C

    Not sure why it's in my head, but simply curious on the .35 Rem carbine. Anyone have one? Any calibers it's simular too? Thx for any insight.
  19. ahmoore

    12/18 Ridge Buck

    Winding down from the wknd & stoked to report in w/ some fresh uploads since I know you all enjoy pics. I got him (8 pt, 153# dressed) yesterday AM in N VA along the W VA border (Blue Ridge Mtn area). I was perched on a ravine and spotted him in tow behind a couple does as they skirted a...
  20. ahmoore