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  1. kevin in nh

    The rut is getting better! Pictures attached

    I have had 5 different buck on video (I know I have to learn to post) and the rut just keeps getting better. I shot an 8 pointer this morning around 150/160 who was on a trail that led right to the fresh scrape 20 yards from my stand. Friday the 8th at 9:30 the big 10, and two other bucks were...
  2. kevin in nh

    Trying to add to my log

    I keep trying to add to my log so I am trying this?
  3. kevin in nh

    The Moon, Bucks and the rut.

    I will hopefully get some of your opinions and actual experience's on Buck movement in November. I went through past videos from 2016, 2017 and 2018 and all big buck daylight movement was during a new moon or a waxing or waining moon. 11/23/2016 only one cam out and a big buck following a Doe at...
  4. kevin in nh

    Rem 7400 carbine

    Deer season is getting closer and MacPherson Firearms in Brentwood NH has a used but very good condition 7400 30.06 Carbine in a synthetic stock. They have it marked for $400.00
  5. kevin in nh

    BIG Maine bears-Bishops store Jackman

    I am on Bishops Store FB page and Friday they played a video of a 460 LB and on Saturday a 511 LB one....they show a lot of nice Bucks too
  6. kevin in nh

    Fish and Game hearing...

    Did anyone go to the hearing? I heard they approved the seasons but what about the L permits? It was a mess the last two years with crashing computers etc. I stopped getting M permits as time seems to keep me from hunting the M zone so let someone who can spend the time get them.
  7. kevin in nh

    Millennium M25 hang on tree stand

    Do any of you guys have or used one? Dicks has a flash sale and I like the 33" depth and the seat looks pretty comfortable....
  8. kevin in nh

    Strange Deer season....s weird......

    I have hunted for many years and I will admit as I get older I only hunt one piece of property that I have been blessed to hunt for the last 20 years. This year in southern NH has been shall I say different. I have seen plenty of Doe and only 3 bucks up until muzzleloader opener when I blew 2...
  9. kevin in nh

    Rut is on......

    I had some good action this morning with Bucks chasing Does. I ended up shooting a 4 pointer after missing an 8 pointer minutes later. I went and checked to make sure I didn't clip it then the 4 showed up right after I climbed back up into the stand. I blew easy shots today and need to put in...
  10. kevin in nh

    Opening day.....

    Opening day of gun starts today and good luck to all!!!
  11. kevin in nh

    Remington 742 woodsmaster rifle

    Used but in good condition with 5 mags sling $250 at Mac Tactical in East Kingston. I haven't see it up close but Mark is a stand up guy
  12. kevin in nh

    Good luck tomorrow----

    The son in law pick the opening week which I wish he asked first as October 1st would probably be better but it is what it is.....Good luck to everyone going out tomorrow!!!
  13. kevin in nh

    3rd Party picture sharing-who or what do you do?

    I have been using photo bucket for my pictures for years and now they want almost $500 to allow me to post 3rd party pictures! I don't do many pictures like I use to but this is way to much money for as little as I would use it. Who or what do you guys use?
  14. kevin in nh

    We have a new Dad........

    And I will leave it at that.......
  15. kevin in nh

    Turkey populations

    Three weeks ago I went to pickup my grandson and saw a turkey fly into the windshield of a jeep. A few days later I had one almost fly in thru the side window of my truck. I see them everywhere but they seem to be more of an accident waiting to happen lately vehicle wise. We have been going from...
  16. kevin in nh


    I have hunted for almost 40 years in NH and have never had a problem with thieves....or so called hunter/thieves. Over the years I had stands in many different spots in Epping especially and depending on which part of town I knew and sometimes saw guys go by or close enough that know I had a...
  17. kevin in nh

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I hope today is filled with family and friends, or for you guys up at camp hunting I hope you have tracking snow!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  18. kevin in nh

    7 pointer this morning with the crossbow

    I decided to hunt with the crossbow and it payed off with a 7 pointer pictures later
  19. kevin in nh

    Shot placement.....

    A friend shot a basket rack 8 point Thursday a little after 5pm. I was there in 15 minutes and not one drop of blood. He had the deer within 10 yards looking straight up at him as he caught him moving. He hunts with a cross bow and he thought he put it just left of the spine which he did just...
  20. kevin in nh

    Hunting Log....

    I noticed that JDK had a 2015 hunting log and then started one for 2016. Some guys just continue into the next season? What do you, the readers think is easier to read? Year after year on the same post or start fresh every year?