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  1. Mainewoods

    Size 13 hiking and hunting boots

    Fellas, Try as I might, I could not get these two pairs of quality boots to fit my feet right. And come to find out, I am now a size 14 and not a 13 anymore. I cannot return the boots so my loss is your gain and both pairs are barely broken in and the Grisport are practically new. First pair...
  2. Mainewoods

    Colorado Elk hunt

    When the 2017 deer season came to an end, I started thinking about doing something different, and heading out west for a hunt. This was all new to me, but I figured what the hell, might as well give it a try. At first I thought I was going solo, which seemed a little daunting, but eventually I...
  3. Mainewoods

    All these new truck post....

    Well, that's not absolutely true, but anyway, I broke down in NH a few weeks ago, and had the starter go on my 2008 Tundra. Got it towed to a shop in a thunder and lightening storm in the middle of the night, and the guys got it fixed for me by the end of the next day. The new starter was $700...
  4. Mainewoods

    Conspiracy, against lefties

    Whenever I think I've got a great bolt action lined up, turns out, it only comes in right handed. I do have an a awesome Browning A-bolt 300wsm, but looking for another with synthetic stock and preferably stainless and 300wsm. I love the looks of the new Winchester XRPs, and their camo stocks...
  5. Mainewoods

    MaineWoods, weekend in NH

    Last Thursday, I had a good excuse to take Friday off, so headed up to my camp in VT to do a little hunting across the river in NH. They had just gotten more wet snow on that Wednesday, and I barely got into camp Thursday night. Anyway, my brother and I met up around 6am, and decided to hunt...
  6. Mainewoods

    MaineWoods, A Week in Maine

    As most of you know, I really enjoy my annual trips to Maine, and this year was no different. The one BIG difference though, was that I was not in the shape I wanted to be in because I sat on my ass all summer, and now was having back issues. I jogged in the woods probably 4 days a week through...
  7. Mainewoods

    How high is too high

    When I have some down time, I always find myself looking at google earth and topo maps, searching for that new hunting spot or hard to get place, that might hold a big Maine or NH buck. My biggest buck was shot just below 2000ft and at the softwood hardwood transition line on a Mtn in Maine...
  8. Mainewoods


    I'm not a huge bluefish fan, but do love them smoked! Loaded up last week on about a dozen snapper blues in about 15 minutes, and smoked them for about 3 hours after a 36 hour brine. They make delicious fish dip! Once they cool, I vacuum seal the fillets and pop em in the freezer.
  9. Mainewoods

    Boater Hooked from shore Cape Cod canal

    Both of these guys on the boat are coworkers and friends of mine. They were coming in from fishing in Cape Cod bay, fully lit up, and had turned to head into Sandwich marina to haul out. Hard to believe that some folks are defending the shore fisherman who tore off out of there like a coward...
  10. Mainewoods

    Yankee Sportsman Classic

    Building on NH Hunter (he gets moody sometimes) who?s headed to the Yankee Sportsman Classic in VT in just around two weeks? Looks like a good line up of talks and I try to make it up every few years. I think I?ll scratch off the Benoits, but definitely looking forward to seminars by Hal (BWB)...
  11. Mainewoods

    Some morning action

    The good thing about this cold snap, is that all the ponds freeze up and the ducks take to the flowing streams. Hit an old grown-up cranberry bog this morning and there was plenty of action! I love jump shooting ducks like this as it's much better than freezing in a blind.
  12. Mainewoods

    Camping on timber company land

    Back when there was a Plum Creek, I think there was information on camping access on timber land, whether it was a designated site or not. Since they got bought out by Weyerhaeuser, I cannot find much info on camping. Anyone know the status, can you tent camp?
  13. Mainewoods

    Considering a new Chessie

    My chessie, Kenai, turned 10 this fall and he's been my best bud since he was a pup. We've got a lot of hunting memories together, and now with a family, I couldn't ask for a better dog to watch over them when I'm gone or play with my daughter. I can't wait until I can take my daughter...
  14. Mainewoods

    Felt good to shoot today!

    After a deerless Maine hunting season, I hit a farm we have hunting access to this morning and put down some lead (steel) with a buddy. We got our limit and had groups of 3's and 4's coming in from about 715 on. We had four in the bag when two flocks of about 30 each came in and boy oh...
  15. Mainewoods

    Mainewoods 2017

    I was pretty excited when I hit the road north at 330am on on the 15th! The weather was looking decent for snow all week and I couldn't ask for much more than that. This year, instead of staying on my own, I teamed up with a buddy from VT, and one of his friends from NY. I got into camp around...
  16. Mainewoods

    Damn wind!

    I thought I weathered Monday's storm quite well until I walked out back of my shed and saw my canoe last night. Sumbitch, I loved that canoe!
  17. Mainewoods

    Tough to think hunting

    It's been so warm and the fishing has been so good, it's tough to think hunting. Woods Hole has been loaded with bait and the false albacore are still hanging around.
  18. Mainewoods

    Bears, Indians, and such

    It's just a Guy on a Buffalo. Enjoy, and I'll apologize in advance when you are screaming and can't get the song out of your head, haha!
  19. Mainewoods

    Camp in Vermont

    Benny's cabin pics got me thinking about my own place and the diamond in the rough camp we purchased last fall in Newbury VT. Initially, I wanted a place in the Western Maine Mtns or northern NH, because that's a place I love to do a lot of hunting and exploring, but when this one came up...
  20. Mainewoods

    S&W .40 for sale $225

    Selling a Smith & Wesson SD40VE for $225. Shoots great and absolutely no flaws, just need to thin things out in the case. Has original box, two 10 round mags, installed Apex trigger kit (original is in box), hogue grip, and nylon holster. Has to be Mass sale with class A LTC.