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    Good luck

    Good luck to all headed out tommorow. Done my 6 weeks with the bow. 120+ hours and no meat. I did pass on a couple so my bad. But my choice gotta live with it, but time for some gunnin and smokepole fun. Cold start but warming up mid to late week. Would love to see some cold air set in long...
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    got skunked

    was planning on hunting this morning but around 1 I got woken up to the smell of skunk. Damn dog got into it. so after an hour of chasing her around to leave the thing alone, a light bulb went off in my head. My clothes were airing out on the porch. i at the time didn't think they stunk but...
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    With my son having broken his leg this week, were praying he will be able to get out in about a month or so. But with this massive cast there is no way he will be able to draw his bow and be accurate. I have access to a nice crossbow, i wonder if the state would ok its use just for this...
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    2 more days

    Well boys n girls. Crunch time. Whos gonna finish strong. Im going till 3 tommorow. Then i gotta bail. I got accepted to police academy so im offto that. But tues. All day hardcore. Finish strong guys. Bring the thunder. Good luck
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    My season in a nutshell

    Its sucked. Seen 5 deer on stand to date. Missed maybe 4 mornings. Today around 8:30 i hear dogs. Theres a local guys that runs coyotes with em. So there getting closer. And closer. It was very noisy this morning. I hear em coming. Im gonna shoot this coyote. Then i say that sounds like...
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    Found my momento

    My grandfather was a bigtime hunter. Just before he passed in early 90's he gave me his ring. So iput it on a small rope and wore it around my neck faithfully every hunt. And if i forget i almost always know im not seeing anything. Killed alot of nice bucks with that ring. Well i lost it...
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    dozen more days

    well its crunch time. i gotta make one last trip to check on a couple stands and i think im good to go. changed rest and broadheads, everything is shooting nice, now just put my 100 plus hours in and hopefully see something within range. weather is nice and cool, leaves falling, my buddy got...
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    trail cam painting

    my uncle does a lot of nature paintings, and he did one of one of my best trail cam pics to date.
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    sighted in

    went to the range yesterday to sight in the guns, 2 guns one shot each at 75 yards, there still on. I can live with this. i will say this, I love the Caldwell lead sled.
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    doe permit day tomorrow.

    good luck to all that applied.
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    well this showed up about a hour after I put up cam. he knocked it off the tree. so it sat on ground for the last 2 weeks. now the cam don't work. he must have gave it a good right hook.
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    went fishing with dad and the z man

    took my dad and my son the z man (Zach) fishing today had a good time. great memories.
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    im ready for fall how bout you

    this heats for the birds. i got to work and it was 84 and muggy in the shop at 8:30 this morning. yesterday it topped off at 94 in here. cant imagine what today will be...i want cool dry air with leaves falling. and i want it now. im sick of getting batwings by noon.
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    hope there was no one from here at that site. prayers go out to the families involved. very sad. but i will say i believe they pissed off the wrong city. they will be found and they will be punished. unfortunately we dont have the death penalty so they will have to rot in jail. on our dime...
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    Chasing tail on tonite

    Chasing tail. A reality tv show is on the history channel at 10 pm tonite 4/11/13. Its about hunting deer in fairfield county ct. Saw the trailer and im not sure if it puts us in a positive light or not. Guess i will see tonite..
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    I like mfw sending out that survey . Maybe there gonna start rethinking some things. Its a start. Communication between sportman and f&w is a good thing
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    Cruise ship

    Watchin that cruise ship come in. Poor people. If they had to drop a bat, they had to use a red bag. What a mess. Its on cnn
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    bruins on at 1 if you wanna listen at work
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    may be calling it a year

    been to ct. last 2 sat. seen alot and had alot of fun. my bud got a big 8. but my bow hoist slipped out of my hands tonight and it landed controllably but broke the sight. got the same one order immediatley. but i may call it a year. hate to end it on that note but who knows maybe i will get...
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    Renew drivers lic.

    Just want to let you all know to check drivers lic. Cause mine exp. 2 weeks ago. And I had a officer pull me over. Well he was great. Didn't lock me up. Just gave me a criminal citation. So I got court to deal with but could be a lot worse. I totally forgot. My fault 100 percent. I had dreams of...